Historical restaurant in the very heart of quartiere Prati.

The restaurant was founded in 1934 by Gaetana Cataldi, from whom it took the name.
The founder, a typical roman popolana with a cooking talent as good as a commercial enterprise, started her restaurant activity inside what had previously been storage rooms.
Up to those days Via Cola di Rienzo was far from being what it became soon after the Second World War, that is one of the most glamorous streets in Rome, nowadays one of the most recommended shopping streets in Europe. Lively, dynamic, and multi-ethnical, via Cola di Rienzo, nevertheless, has not lost its primal elegance as a wonderful avenue that links the Vatican City to the Tiber.
It's an amazing fact that, amongst hundreds of commercial boutiques, Zigaetana has been (and still is) the one and only restaurant that you can find in the above-named street, just a few meters from the huge and usually sunny Piazza Risorgimento.
After more than half a century of typical roman cooking, skilfully managed by the following generations of Cataldi family, improved by deep innovations in the rooms, in the management principles as well as in the cooking proposal, the Restaurant is today one of the most beautiful and up-to-date in the italian capital, still never forgetting its strong roots.
The restaurant windows along via Cola di Rienzo offer an inlook of the rooms that is really catching: a fascinating mix between a warm mediterranean elegance and an anglo-saxon sense of glamour.
The primal vaulting and arch bricks and the ancient frescos harmonize, in fact, with the New-York-style wooden-steel furniture in the inside terrace.