”Health through water”: for the ancient Romans water was the symbol par excellence of health and well-being.
In harmony with another very famous maxim: mens sana in corpore sano, water and all its beneficial properties represented the most significant symbol of civilization and progress.
In respect of such a noble tradition and with an eye to future generations, we are convinced of the importance of committing ourselves to preserve this lifeblood. All economic operators, from large producers to distributors, from retailers to merchants, are asked to contribute to this.
Our restaurant, therefore, offers its customers, following a careful selection, a locally produced micro-filtered water that preserves the gustatory and nutritional qualities of the mineral salts of our region.
In addition to the benefits of the “zero kilometer” in terms of quality and well-being for the individual consumer, it is also worth highlighting the contribution that derives in a broader sense from the community.
The transport of millions of bottles is, in fact, a useless form of waste, considering that most of the waters of Italian aqueducts are of excellent quality.
Often the water that we find in the supermarket or in restaurants, has traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers before arriving on our tables, after a long stay in plastic containers and this, especially if the storage does not take place correctly, can be cause of dangerous contamination. We have chosen a shorter and safer route: salus per aquam!